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New Invention Tractor Mounted Corn Harvesting Machine for Small Farm

Maize harvesting machine is the small type corn harvester,the machine can work single row corn, the machine can work with tiller and walk tractor.Supporting the collection of the bucket is full, you can take off the filling bag, the height of the stay is adjustable, the tension clutch works safely, and the turning radius is small.
  • BOMA-SCH-800

Product Description

New Invention Tractor Mounted Corn Harvesting Machine for Small Farm22.corn harvester


Gasoline motor

Diesel motor

Harvester working head




The harvester working head is universal. Once you have tractor, you can match the harvester working head with your tractor
Start mode

Manual start

Electric start







Horse power




BOMA SCH-800 corn reaper is a new invention. It highly improves the working efficiency of harvesting corns.

The mini corn harvesting machine can harvest corns and crush straws at the same time. 

The corn straws are grinded directly as fertilizer for the field.

The harvesting efficiency of BOMA corn harvester reaches 700m2 to 1000m2 per hour

Product Show

2corn harvesting machine14 corn reaper4515corn harvester4740harvester package41loading


√ High working efficiency, multifuntional

High working efficiency. 2 hours corn harvesting work is just finished  in 10 Minutes. 

It has multifunctoins just like the large combined harvester, picking corns and crushing straws at the same time.


√ Affordable price

 BOMA corn harvester is much smaller compared with tranditional combine harvester.

 Farmers can afford this mini corn reaper for family use or other uses.


√ Wide applications

This mini corn reaper has strong adaptability in different fields, no matter big or small field, our harvesting machine works well. Combine corn harvester can only work in large field.


√ Strong power, easy to operate

It has strong power, and easy to operate and easy to maintain. The height of the harvester is adjustable.

Company Profile

corn harvester factory



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