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Where lawnmowers can’t reach, let brushcutter take over

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With the development of modern life, people's living standards have been constantly improved and more and more attention has been paid to the quality of life, more and more attention is paid to improving living environment, no matter government or personal.

But in the growing season of grass , pruning & mowing takes time and cost money. 

Do you have these troubles too?

electric brush cutter 2

- Lawn mower : Limited application and costly, as well as noisy machine work

- Gasoline brush cutter : Heavy and noisy.

electric brush cutter 4

So in order to solve those problems, BOMA provide a new electric brush cutter BOMA-EBC-1700. 

electric brush cutter 7

It's the right grass cutter for every kind of garden - whether small, medium, large or overgrown. This garden trimmer range offers different trimmers to fit all individual needs.

These electric brush cutters are widely used for trimming grass in small areas, lawns and gardens.

electric brush cutter

The motor present in these electric brush cutters are highly efficient and produces less noise, hence they are widely appreciated in areas where noise is an issue.

electric brush cutter 11

Our electric brush cutters are less weight, handles and height can be easily adjusted hence making the user comfortable to operate.  

Our power brush cutters are applicable not only for commercial purposes; different grades are available for agricultural fields too. The handles of these cutters are provided in loop type hence they are easy to operate and move around. The agricultural electric brush cutter offered can work at high applications like trimming dense grass and small plants in less time with minimum noise. 

electric brush cutter 9

Features of Electric Brush Cutters:

 - Best ergonomic working position

Large handle at front for convenient handling. Easy to adjust to individual height for a relaxed working position.Easy operation.

 - Highest level of operation comfort

Intuitive operation of the trimmer head. Simply press the button to swivel the head for vertical lawn edging or any other required gardening task.

 - Durable and powerful

The energy source is the new Lithium battery. It has a long operation time, charging status indicators and is also suited for all other GARDENA battery-driven products.

 - Top handling

Easily adjust the angle between the trimmer head and the handle with your foot during operation. Used when trimming under low obstacles.

 - Protect your plants

With the help of the plant guard, bordering plants are protected.

electric brush cutter 10


We offer these electric brush cutters in standard as well as in customized ranges. Customers can avail these power brush cutters in market leading prices. 

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