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latest lithium battery single hand held electric tea picking machine from BOMA TOOLS

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latest lithium battery single hand held electric tea picking machine from BOMA TOOLS

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The tea picking season is coming, and many tea farmers have reported that as labor costs rise year by year, it is becoming more and more difficult to recruit tea workers, which has had a certain impact on tea production. In May 2013, after ten sets of Boyuan brand single-person electric tea picking machines recommended by CCTV's "I Love Invention" tea picking pioneer, in recent years, our company has improved and upgraded the electric tea picking machine on the basis of the third generation. Various functions of the tea machine, after unremitting efforts, finally launched the sixth generation of Boyuan portable single-person electric tea picking machine with excellent performance and good tea picking effect. In order to meet the demand for tea picking, the factory's sales are hot, and the supply is in short supply.

The single-person electric tea picking machine produced by our company is developed after years of research and experimentation. This machine breaks through the cumbersome, heavy, inconvenient operation, high cost of use, and poor quality of the tea picked in the tea picking machines made in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and the mainland. Manufactured under the circumstances, the products are exported to foreign countries. The company's tea picking machines are exported to various countries, such as Sri Lanka, India, Kenya, Turkey, South Africa and so on.

When the machine is in operation, only need to hold the handle to start the power switch, and align the blade group with the tea leaves to realize the tea picking operation, and the quality of the tea leaves picked can reach the same level as manual picking.

It is suitable for personal tea picking. One machine can work on the mountain for at least 3-5 labors a day, and it only needs 0.2 kWh to recharge after each use. Using this tea picking machine is the best choice for solving labor force and supporting "agriculture, rural areas and farmers".

Through years of practice, it has been proved that the implementation of mechanized tea picking can not only improve the efficacy and increase the benefits, but also save a large number of labor, alleviate the peak of picking, shorten the picking period, and ensure the quality of fresh leaves.

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